About Us

What to expect in our worship service:

 We open with a song and a brief welcome.  The song leader will lead us in  a Cappella singing.  Our men will lead prayers regarding our congregation  and  special needs of our members.Our minister or a guest speaker will deliver a sermon.  All are encouraged  to follow along in their Bibles as he leads the study.  At the end of the  sermon, a song offering the Lord’s invitation for anyone who wants to  become a Christian, rededicate their life to God, or ask for prayers for  strength in their daily walk with Christ.  The Lord’s Supper will be served to those who have made Jesus the Lord  of their lives followed by an opportunity to financially support this  congregation by the members of this local body of Christ. 

Serving the community

BENEVOLENCE MINISTRY:  Our Benevolence program helps our members when financial times get tough.  This ministry occasionally assists people who are not members. This decision is made by the deacons on the basis of individual needs. 

FOOD ASSISTANCE:  Each Wednesday we have about thirty bags of food that we give to those in need.  It is on a first come, first serve basis and there are guidelines for how often a family may receive this assistance.  We have a short introduction to the Bible before the bags are handed out 

CLOTHING ASSISTANCE:  We have a Clothing Room where those in need may receive help.  There is a limit to the number of items one may receive due to our supply and the number of recipients.


CHILDREN’S HOMES:  Our aim is to send financial, emotional, and spiritual help to Arms of Hope, Sunny Glen, and Foster’s Children’s Homes.  Through this ministry we have provided Christmas gifts to these children, also.