A word from our Elders

Dear Brethren,

 What wonderful love has been coming to us at Hidden Valley. So many of you have inquired as to our needs and expressed a desire to help.  Others of you have just shown up on our door step donating your time and muscle. To all of you, thank you. What a tremendous blessing and inspiration you are.

I can report to you that the congregation here is responding to the demands of the situation with confidence and without despair thanking the Lord for the resources he has made available to us. Praise the Lord, all members are safe & without injury. We have 13 families that have suffered flooding to their home, which will require financial benevolence assistance in addition to our normal support activities and funds.

Considering that this is the 5th costly flood to our facilities, we will be formulating long term measures

  • to insure our commitment to serving the Hidden Valley neighborhood.  
  •  to mitigate the high costs associate with flood prone property 

We solicit your thoughts and prayers as we rebuild to the glory of our Lord and Savior.  

Please feel free to contact our elders to learn more how you can best help the Hidden Valley Congregation    

Thank you for your love, encouragement and support.

God Bless  

Hidden Valley Church of Christ Elders




Marty Johnson (713) 962-9161 pmortho@sbcglobal.net    

Bill Messer (832) 270-3790 Bmesser01@hotmail.com 

Forrest Suehs (281) 224-6212 fasuehs@aol.com 

How can I help?

Monetary donations

You may send your donations to Hidden Valley church of Christ 9521 Sunnywood, Houston, TX 77038, US

Your time and Labor

We gladly appreciate even the smallest amount of time.  Little by little we can get back on our feet to help community.  There are approximately 30 to 40 families that depend on food from us each week.  

Help us grow

We need more members that want to grow in their ministries to serve God and the community.


  For the month of September on Sundays, there will be combined Worship services in the Family Life Building in the gym at 10:00 am and Bible classes at 5:00 pm.  

Also for the month of September, each Wednesday there will be combined Bible classes at 7:00 pm in the Family Life Building in the gym.

 Throughout the month of September, all assemblies and classes will be conducted in the Family Life Building. For safety reasons, no other buildings will be open since all buildings are under-construction.
Please enter through the side door only! The front door will be closed.

Please pass this information along to everyone especially those who do not have email or internet. Thank you for your consideration and patience during these trying times. God bless    

Need to contact us

Hidden Valley church of Christ

9521 Sunnywood, houston, TX 77038, US

(281) 891-3293

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